5 digital marketing trends to digest in 2017

Digital marketing trends come and go, but if you want to stay ahead of the game, embracing current trends is a smart move. Whether you’re new to online marketing or you’re an old-timer looking to freshen up your campaigns, here are five digital trends to follow in 2017.

1. Immersive content marketing

Immersive marketing has slowly been gaining buzzword status, and it’s claimed that 2017 could be the year where this trend really takes off. It’s borne from the idea that people increasingly want a more interactive experience with the content they consume. No longer satisfied to view static, 2-D media, they want to feel a part of the content.

Immersive content marketing gives an online business of any size, from the humble start-up to the more established brand, the opportunity to engage with their audiences, using a variety of techniques.

Live webinars and training sessions are popular examples of using this immersive marketer trend, but this year could see a whole batch of new strategies take centre stage. In particular, 360° viewing videos have been gaining the attention of marketing trendsetters, giving viewers a more interesting and interactive approach to consuming content. Although platforms are still fairly limited for using this technique, confined mainly to shoppable video and YouTube 360°, the development of new technology could offer wider scope.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) (thanks to Pokémon Go) are also emerging marketer trends that will pave the way for online businesses to increase their visibility in 2017 and beyond.

2.Live video streaming

Live video streaming has been trending for some time now, but online experts believe 2017 could be the year where it gains increasing momentum.

Live stream videos have become more popular thanks to faster internet speeds, and the rising use of mobile devices has meant that more of us demand viewable live content on the go. Social media, in particular, has brought live video streaming to the fore and has enabled even the least tech-minded of people to get on board.

The great news about incorporating live stream videos into your social or digital marketing campaigns is that it’s something that any business can use to engage and interact with target audiences. Live video streaming lets you connect and communicate with audiences in real time, answer their questions, listen to their comments and get reactions to your live broadcast.

We have first hand proof that only audiences engage more with video content!

3. Up your blogging game

The internet is saturated with blogging content, and although this isn’t set to die a death anytime soon, what will become increasingly apparent this year is that bloggers will need to take a more creative approach if they want to stand out from the blogging crowd.

This year, it simply won’t be enough to churn out a few words on what you like doing or how great your company is. In line with the immersive and live streaming trends, bloggers will need to adopt a more interactive stance to their content. Vlogging (adding videos to blogs) will bring your blogging content to life, but the use of live stream videos will also help set your prose apart from others.

Businesses could use live stream videos as part of their blogs in many ways, and they offer an invaluable opportunity to showcase the personality of your brand. You could incorporate live stream videos to give insight into your company, members of staff or your products, and back this up with written content or other visual media.

Bloggers should also be aware that long-form posts are the hot trend for 2017, with content in excess of 1,200 words more likely to make an impact. Blogs will increasingly look less like blogs and will be more design and data-driven.

4. The rise of native advertising

Although native advertising is not a new approach to gain brand visibility, it has taken on a more prominent role in recent times, partly as a result of the rise in ad blocking. Native advertising involves creating adverts within the content so that they flow naturally. Digital experts believe more businesses are turning to native advertising to raise awareness of their brand, with digital marketers in 2017 focusing on this strategy more than ever. In fact, research suggests that it could account for 74% of all advertising revenue by 2021.

For successful native advertising campaigns, experts predict a more collaborative approach between creative teams and media buyers will be necessary, to encourage scalability and authenticity of adverts. It’s thought that stricter standards and specifications might come into place to ensure that marketers toe the line with their adverts, so that misleading copy is less of a feature.

Native advertising is also gaining traction because increasing numbers of consumers seek authenticity in the brands they use. In 2017, this authenticity will become more evident in native advertising campaigns. As a strategy to build trust and respect, digital marketers will embrace more user-generated content in their native advertising.

5. Even more targeted niche marketing

Whether your customers are baby boomers or millennials, or you target consumers based on their interests, most savvy businesses appreciate that successful digital marketing campaigns need to speak directly to their specific audience group. Yet targeting a niche market will no longer be enough for digital marketing success in 2017.

As more businesses saturate the internet, competition for target groups increases as brands snap up a share of the market. In order for online marketers to stand out from the pack and gain their own share of the sector, they need to take an even more targeted approach. Focusing on a niche market will be vital for survival, but seeking out an even more, niche market within your niche market may be required to up your game, and attract wider audiences in an already flooded online arena.

Every business, no matter how big or small its size or budget can employ fresh digital marketing campaigns in 2017 to boost its brand. By combining them, some or all of these approaches can ‘piggyback’ off each other, further increasing your chances of success.



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