We offer SME’s and Start Up’s a partnership built for success online.

2018 is our year of growth, and we’re looking for companies and SMEs to join our Partner Programme.

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About us

Fishpool Marketing started in 2015 when a group of passionate freelancers came together to collaborate, share skills and achieve online success.

From front room ‘offices’, we started seeing remarkable results; our hard work paid off, and Fishpool Marketing grew.

Today, Fishpool help a range of businesses reach their goals online. We operate from innovative city hubs and proudly support the freelance, digital and creative community.

We offer small to medium-size businesses the opportunity to partner with a driven digital marketing team. We’re available to help your business grow, and our approach is simple:

We Discover. We Strategise. We Deliver.


Meet the Fishpool Founders

We don’t have clients; we have partners because we believe in the power, effectiveness and efficiency of teamwork.

Rachel - Fishpool Marketing Founder

Co-founder of Fishpool Marketing | Brand, Outreach and Campaigns | Partner Projects Manager

Fishpool Marketing began back in 2015, and since then we have grown substantially. As Fishpool’s Co-Founder and Partner Projects Manager, it’s my job to help you set the right tone for your business across all online channels.

Andrew - Fishpool Marketing Founder

Founder and Technical Director at Fishpool Marketing

In 2015 I founded SEO and digital marketing hub Fishpool Marketing with the aim to build a sustainable career and help other businesses achieve online success.
I'm a self-taught specialist with a knack for strategy, and accepting a challenge is all part of my approach.

Let us help you achieve your goals online.