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The difference between dofollow and nofollow links

Both dofollow and nofollow links can benefit your site and it’s seo performance, when used correctly. First, Andy explains the technical difference between the two link types. He then breaks down the benefits of each; including sticking to a 25% rule of nofollow links and why it’s not just all about domain authority.

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The Rise of ‘Real’ Content, Has it Gone Full Circle?

Over the years, content has evolved from being there simply to inform, to working really hard to get results for you and your business. The Rise of ‘Real’ content considers a brief history of content creation and what makes content great TODAY in Rachel’s top five content tips for 2018 and beyond.

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Fishpools Organic Approach to Link Building

What do we mean when we say ‘organic’ link building? Rachel explains all. And runs through Fishpool’s approach to this intricate (yet extremely beneficial) service, which is available to all Fishpool Partners.

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Does your content successfully promote brand awareness?

What is brand awareness? And why is it SO important to SEO? Get clued-up quick AND take Rachel’s 10-point brand awareness content audit to improve the health of your website.

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Getting to page one of Google: “How Many Links Though?”

Getting to page one of Google is the hottest topic in search marketing. But just how is it done? Our Technical Director, Andy, takes you through the ranking process step-by-step. With a real-life example and some tips along the way…

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Welcome to the Fishpool Blog

We forgot to welcome you to the blog so here’s a post that does just that. WHO is behind Fishpool? WHAT do we do to help your business grow? And more importantly, are we dog or cat people? All is revealed…

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How To Write a How To Blog

We wouldn’t be a great digital team if we didn’t know how to write a cracking blog post now, would we? Rachel takes you through a step-by-step guide. Great for beginners or those wanting to brush up on their skills…

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Inbound Marketing: The New Way To Get More Leads & Sales

A new way to get more leads for your business or SME? Actionable tips and real-life examples shedding light on the wonder that is Inbound Marketing (hint: it’s when the customers come to YOU)…

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