Inbound Marketing: The New Way To Get More Leads & Sales

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What you are about to read could drastically change the way you do business.

Let me tell you about a company that our marketing solution really worked for. They had a great lead generation team that called up people using details they pre-bought from a traditional marketing company. That team then spent their days on the phone trying to set-up demos for the company’s sales team to pitch the product directly to customers. It was a tough job.

What was the problem?

The problem was getting people to pick up the phone. Or if they did pick up the phone, getting them to listen for long enough to even acknowledge what the company’s representative was saying.

The Struggle…

This daily struggle meant the team turned over a lot of staff, they felt demoralised and they were continually chasing hard targets. The company was literally throwing away money and investment in their people as potential customers hung up on cold calls, asked to be removed from the lists or just weren’t interested.

Sound familiar?

Then read on – we have an answer. You need to stop pushing your product and embrace a method that brings your customer to you.

The problem with outbound marketing

First, let’s look at the struggles faced by many companies, then we’ll consider an easy and effective solution.

1. Potential customers are more likely to be looking at their own information and research

There are online reviews and details available for practically any item a customer might be looking for. They can get second opinions, access thousands of reviews about a product – or even your company. People want to feel empowered in their purchasing and the internet is a huge part of how they achieve that.

2. Customers are over being convinced by ads (and might not see them anyway)

The early days of internet advertising were simple. You paid for an ad, it appeared on a page that matched your company’s interests, customers clicked and you got a sale. Times have changed. Over 100 million people use AdBlock to clean up ads on their browser. Ads that appear outside of the page people are reading (non-native) content is much more likely to be ignored. Successful sales messages increasingly need to be integrated into your potential customer’s viewpoint.

3. People are more difficult to reach

Caller ID, call blocking and the general pace of life mean people barely have time for their own friends and interests – let alone a tired and weary member of your team looking to discuss an opportunity they’ve never heard of.

How do I attract new customers?

So how do you reach them in a world of intrusive advertising and smarter consumers that have clear ideas about the products they’re interested in? That’s the problem our customer was facing.

What we knew was that they were using an old and dying marketing strategy. Today’s customers have little time for outbound marketing built on call lists and verbal pitches. They’ve moved on.

The new wave is inbound marketing. This means creating promotional material and information about your service that really tells the story of exactly how you can fix your customer’s problem. It’s answering questions. It’s providing good advice. It’s opening up a valuable relationship where they see you and your company as a trusted authority that they can rely on.

This way you don’t need to waste resources on endlessly chasing your customers. They like you, they know you, they trust you, and then they buy from you.

How to start inbound marketing

It sounds too good to be true but it’s very easy to implement. Here’s how we worked with our customer to hugely improve their marketing reach and success:

• We looked at our target audience. How can we help them? What are their problems? How does our solution meet their needs?

• What should we write about that these people would find helpful? Once we identified their pain points, we wrote about them – and more importantly, how we could solve them.

• We published these posts – complete with tips, information and ideas.

• We used all of our marketing mojo to promote these posts via our email lists, Twitter, Facebook and more.

• Our company’s potential customers found them, read them, and noted the expertise on our customer’s area of business.

• They signed up for an account or more information to learn about how to deal with their everyday challenges.

• We sent them more useful stuff on how to manage their business’ niggles. This time we also send details (and a nudge) about how to contact us for more information. After all, they already know what we’re selling and why we’re helpful – they asked us for more information in the first place.

•They book a call with one of our account managers who gets an easy sale as there’s already a relationship between the customer and what we’re selling.

•That’s it. No cold-calling, no hard-sell – customers are actually reaching out for our customer’s product because they are empowered by the tools and information we gave them. There’s no push – they already know we can help.

So that all sounds lovely, I hear you say. How do I trigger this potential influx of customer enquiries? Well, you need a blog. An interesting blog. One that is regularly updated with content that helps your type of customer. One that they can keep coming back to read your latest insight or projects.

Great marketing is always about understanding, explaining, and solving customer problems. Well, here’s your chance. Think about questions that they may like the answer too. Questions that you get asked all the time. Solutions you’re offering to tackle common industry issues. Even advice on the fundamentals of business that may be causing your usual customer trouble.

How do Google search rankings work?

Here’s where you’re starting to carve your niche and reputation among all the other authority voices shouting from the internet. People are searching for the answers to these problems. Yes, typing them right into Google, hitting search and hoping for the answer. And there you are with a perfectly-formed response! Clever and well-written blogs will soon get you ranking on Google. That means the search engine believes your content is relevant and interesting – so it sends more people there.

The next bit is where the sales kick in. You want to get these visitors to sign up to your email list – an opportunity to do that will need to be built into your page. Once you have their details you can then share your knowledge with them again and again as you add new blog posts. And remember, each time you do that you’re opening up another opportunity for a sale.

Remember too that all the while you’re putting effort into building your authority with existing customers, you’re also sharing content that will add to your potential customer list. Inbound marketing is the promotional investment that pays out twice.

Remember too that all the while you’re putting effort into building your authority with existing customers, you’re also sharing content that will add to your potential customer list. Inbound marketing is the promotional investment that pays out twice.

Company blog writing service

If this all sounds brilliant but a little beyond your reach then we can help. Perhaps you’re too busy to commit to writing regularly, or a way with words isn’t really your strong point. We know the system works, and the skills needed to do it well – that’s where Fishpool Marketing comes in.

Our teams of professional writers and experienced bloggers are here to make inbound marketing easy. We can offer a simple service which offers you fresh posts every month which build your reputation and your online profile. We can write the type of content your customer really wants to read.

Outbound marketing is dying. And so will your business unless you embrace the new ways to catch today’s savvy consumer. Jump on the next wave of effective advertising by talking to us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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