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We Introduce Our New Approach to SEO

Today we announce that we have a new way of doing things. We are excited to share our new approach to the SEO services we offer.

What’s changed?

By introducing simple SEO modules, we have updated the way we sell SEO packages. You can see an example of our newly structured SEO modules here.

We have updated our website, introducing new information pages and new illustrations.

It is now possible to purchase individual or multiple modules through our website, for those looking to order our services independently.

What hasn’t changed?

Fishpool still offers a managed SEO service.

For our current customers receiving a managed service, aside from website updates and some shiny new illustrations, nothing that much will change, although we can’t promise that you won’t notice some of our polished modular terminologies within your next written proposal.

If you contact us, we can still help identify which of our modules you need, as part of your unique managed SEO package.

We still work closely with you to gain great results.

Why the module approach?

Our modular approach is simple, allowing us to help our customers better understand our SEO services.

Using our module structure, you know what you will receive, and for what cost, making your SEO budget easier to manage. It’s as simple as pay as you go!

How we got here

We have been adapting our SEO services over the last four years.

You wanted a simple solution to SEO, and SEO needn’t be complicated.

Hello Modules – Hey Presto!

Staying true to ourselves

Since we started selling SEO services, we have tried to continuously refine our methods to improve your results, without losing ourselves in the process.

We aim to make SEO simple, flexible, effective and affordable for everyone.

If you’re interested in SEO and want to see results; we want to work with you.

Just some of our new SEO modules

No contracts, no fuss. Getting started is easy.

View all of our SEO Services here