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Web 2.0 In Content Link Building

Powerful Web 2.0 Property Creation, Loaded with Symantec Content


Web 2.0 Links Are a Great Way To Quickly Boost Your Rankings

We build, and index, high authority Web 2.0 Properties

We produce web 2.0 properties that are relevant to your business. We load these properties with content that is semantic to the web page or site you want to boost on search engines. We then build links from these web 2.0 properties to your web page or site.

We make sure the blogs go viral

After we create and post your promotional Web 2.0 properties, our team will get to work on building links to the properties from multiple websites. This replicates the path of viral content, adding more power to the promotional Web 2.0 properties that in turn send power to your target URL.

We send you a detailed report

Once the work is complete we send you a detailed report. We will also send you the login details to the Web.20 properties. Over time you can add new blogs and new promotional links. The properties we create will be owned by you do do with as you see fit.

Our natural strategy

We developed our link building strategy through our experience of working in the most competitive lead generation and e-commerce online markets.

We create natural and viral link structures, depending on the needs of your businesses or project.

SEO Blogger Outreach

Service built to scale

Our link building service creates mini-authority properties on high authority web 2.0 accounts. They’re backed up with multiple tiers of quality backlinks; giving your site the boost in rankings it deserves, quickly.

By handling your link building, we apply our SEO knowledge to drive those real results.

Strategic approach to SEO

Semantically related content

Our content writers develop semantically relevant, original and creative content to showcase your service or product. All content is written on a topic in line with your SEO goals and is 100% Copyscape checked.

Our standard service includes a quick turnaround piece that's relevant to your field, or you have the option to go a step further and work directly with our content writers to create something uniquely crafted.

If you would like the properties to come loaded with blogs created by our blogging team then chat to us in the below chat app, or, send a quick email to info@fishpoolmarketing.com

Websites Built By SEO


DA (Domain Authority) is a scale from 1-100 essentially rating how “powerful” a site is.
Links from any Domain Authority rating will help you rank, regardless of your target site’s DA.

Small Viral Link Pack

£120 £100

Inputs: 3 URLs / 2 Anchors per URL
  • Total Links To Target Site:
  • 6 anchored Links
  • Authority Module:
  • 3 Top level blogs
Medium Viral Link Pack


Inputs: 3 URLs / 5 Anchors per URL
  • Total Links To Target Site:
  • 32 anchored Links
  • Authority Module:
  • 4 Top level blogs
Large Viral Link Pack

£500 £420

Inputs: 3 URLs / 5 Anchors per URL
  • Total Links To Target Site:
  • 48 anchored Links
  • Authority Module:
  • 8 Top level blogs

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FAQ's Regarding Our Web 2.0 Property Creation

SEO Frequently Asked Question Icon Is there any contract?

No there is no contract. You can subscribe to get new properties every month. Or you can buy single packs of properties.

SEO Frequently Asked Question Icon Do these properties get indexed on Google?

Yes! We manually create each property and submit it to be indexed on all search engines.

SEO Frequently Asked Question Icon Can we use foreign keywords?

Yes, we can use any language. As long as it's in Roman characters there is no problem.

SEO Frequently Asked Question Icon I want high quality content on these properties

When we create the properties we do add in content that includes the promotional links. The purpose of the content is to create semantic citations that link back to your target URL. Once the properties are live you can add in as much high-quality content as you like. If you need help producing this content then you can take a look at our blog creation service.