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Welcome to the Fishpool Blog

An Introduction

It might seem a little funny that three blog posts in and we’re deciding to welcome you along to our digital marketing online hub. We’ve already told you all about inbound marketing, and how to write a blog post, and you can even read all about us over on our About Us page.

But you know how it goes. We spend our working lives creating killer SEO strategies (that really work, by the way) for our clients, that our own little space of the internet falls by the wayside.

Well, not anymore.

We’ve decided that our expert knowledge and experience and general genius status is wasted if it’s not shared with the wider world. (Did we mention we’re modest, too?)

So we’re going to start sharing regular content on our chosen hot-topics, and hopefully, you’ll find some of it useful.

In case you’ve not read the About Us, I’m Rachel (above) and my expertise lies in Project Management, brand awareness and link building.

And this is Andy, founder of Fishpool, he’s a tech-savvy whizz kid and sometimes you have to ask him to explain that again because “you what?”



And together (this is beginning to sound like the intro to a superhero movie) we make up Fishpool Marketing.

As a teaser, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak of the content you can expect from us in the coming months:

Andy tackles the big how many links? question head-on, in his post titled “Getting to page one of Google: How Many Links Though?”
Then later, I look at Brand Awareness; the Lesser Known but Truly Vital ranking factor.

We’re also gonna cover topics such as Fishpool’s Approach to Link Building, and how we are filling the gap between website design and SEO, and we might even share some of our favourite dog memes with you too because it can’t all be serious all the time can it?!

Meet Freya – Fishpools friendliest team member.



So there you have it. A better-late-than-never intro to what we hope is going to be a really useful, actionable and insightful place to get your digital marketing know-how.

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